Well now…this is nice.

We recently had the privilege of doing a coffee swap with Counter Culture Coffee.  That’s where they send you some of their coffee and you send them some of yours.  They are a great company that have done many, many positive things for the coffee industry.  So we considered it a high honor to be asked to do this.  They mentioned that they had heard good things about us and that’s what led them to contact us.  Here is what they said:

Hey Steve,
Here’s our cupping notes from the coffees you sent:
Kenya Wamuguma – An aromoa of holiday spice, brittle and “a fudge/taffy shop” with some watermelon on the break.  A clean brightness with flavors of black tea and watermelon juice, very clean finish.
Guatemala Huehuetenango Fina El Injerto – Earthy tobacco fragrance. An aroma of sweet, cinnamon brownies with some liquor on the break.  Flavors of dark chocolate and peanut brittle with some more earthyness on the finish.  This was the favorite on the table for the three of us who cupped (2 out of 3).
Brazil Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza Red Catuai – Fragrance of fresh baked goods.  Caramel fudge brownie aroma ( “wow, it jumps right out of the cup!”).  Cooked root vegetable on the break with some malt. Flavors of chocolate, nuts, molassas and root beer.  A solid body with more molassas on the finish.
Nicaragua Pacamara Ambiental – Immediately post grind the cup was filled with the fragrance of Fresh Mango.  When wet, the aroma was all super resh tropical fruit with Mango skin on the break. Apricot, lemon brightness (“wow!”) with the unmistakable flavor of Chicha Morada pinapple cinnamom drink.  The body was perfect to me and the aftertast was full of pleasant bitter fruit.  This was my favorite coffee on the table.  This is a very nicely done natual!  None of the dumpster juice flavors than can creep in to “dirty” naturals – this was very clean fruit.  Loved it.
Thanks, Steve!  Lets do this again some time!
Richard Futrell
Counter Culture Coffee
Sales and Customer Relations Manager"

Also, I should of mentioned this last year when it happened.  We also got a good plug from Sarah, the Editor at Barista Magazine, on their Facebook page.  Below is what she said.

“Barista Magazine Holy crap, this Sidamo from Anodyne Coffee Roasters in Milwaukee is amazing. Like drinking blueberry pancakes. Thanks for the care package, Steve!”

So we thought we share those with you.



~ by The Espresso Lounge on January 21, 2010.

One Response to “Well now…this is nice.”

  1. Wow, nice stuff. That Injerto sounds awesome. Though I’m always partial to Huehue stuff since I lived there.

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