10/27 cupping notes!!!


Nicaraguan Pacamara “Natural” Los Placeres: Aroma –  Heavy chocolate, ripe raspberry, strawberry, blueberry. Flavor – Strong red grapefruit, blueberry, melons. Finish – Great body, dry finish but not unpleasant at all. Steve says “It’s like drinking juice!”

Guatemalan Huehuetenango Finca El Injerto : Aroma – Hints of tropical fruits, melons, vanilla, and cookies. Flavor – Orange citrus, pineapple, honeydew, cashew nuttiness, cocoa and subtle tobacco notes. Finish – Develops as cooling, thick body throughout the cup, and stays with you after drinking.

Guatemalan Huehuetenango Finca El Injerto

For more information of this coffee go to the website at http://www.fincaelinjerto.com

Nicaraguan Pacamara “Natural” Los Placeres

Rainforest Alliance Certification

The name of this farm, translated into English, means pleasures. This striking farm blankets a mountain ridge in the Matagalpa region. Standing at the highest point of the farm, you cannot help but be overwhelmed with the majesty of the surrounding peaks and the beauty of the shaded coffee forest that extends to the valley below. Los Plac eres is blessed with a pure, fast-flowing spring that permits an extremely clean washing of our coffee.

Botanical Varieties:Pacamara

Elevation Range : 800-1050 meters

Average Elevation: 1000 meters

Region: San Ramon, Matagalpa

“Pacamara in itself is an oddity … this large bean is grown on few farms since the requirements to process it, and tolerance for this low-yield cultivar are both rare. But here is something truly more strange: Pacamara that has been dry-processed in the tradition of Ethiopia Harar or Sidamo coffees. Pacamara is a distinct cultivar of Arabica coffee, more specifically it is a subtype of the large bean Maragogype and Pacas, a natural hybrid from El Salvador. Maragogype is called the “elephant bean” for its incredibly large size, and is a spontaneous variation of Typica. Now, bean size per se has nothing to do with cup quality: a bigger seed doesn’t make a better cup. But the argument for Maragogype and Pacamara is that the tree produces fewer cherries and flavor is more concentrated.” -Sweet Marias-

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  1. love the new guat! plus the “huehuetenango” is so much fun to say.

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