Brazil coffees 9/17

So, we have some new Brazil coffees in and had the pleasure to cup them this morning. It is nice to find an organic and Fair Trade certified Brazilian coffee that really adds to our line up of great coffees here at Anodyne. We also have our new Yellow Bourbon that is a real treasure for all coffee lovers to taste and enjoy.

yellow bourbon coffee

Here are the notes:

FTO Brazil Poco Fundo: Aroma – Lavender floral, rich roasted quality. Flavor – sweet almond, baked bread, chocolate. Finish – Light bodied, yet flavors stick to tongue.

Brazil Fazenda Pedra Grande 100% Yellow Bourbon: Aroma – Warm spice, cardamom, and dandelion. Flavor – unroasted peanuts, rose petal floral, faint chocolate, a lot of sweetness (reminiscent of sweet nougat and cake as cooling). Finish – Buttery cream, syrupy.

As a note on coffee varietals’ and the color, the Yellow Bourbon refers to the color of the coffee cherry when it is picked ripe. Normal coffee cherries are predominantly red but you will often hear of an “orange” or “yellow” coffee like the Yellow Bourbon that we have. It is said the the yellow color originated from a hybrid of the orange and the red cherries cross breeding. The 100% bourbon is a reference to the coffee varietal it self. There are thousands of different types coffee varietals in the world and most have specific origins and characteristics. The Bourbon cultivar gets its name from the island currently called Réunion, formerly known as “Île Bourbon.” Geographically Réunion is in the Indian ocean east of Madagascar. Over time governments and traders brought the Bourbon varietal to Brazil where it is currently harvested.


~ by The Espresso Lounge on September 17, 2009.

One Response to “Brazil coffees 9/17”

  1. Thanks for sending me the link, Steve! Now I can keep up with new coffees ’til I’m back at the shop for good. Happy cupping!

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