Cupping notes 8/4/09

With beautiful blue skies and a schedule to cup, we were delighted to have these awesome flavorful coffees on the table. We loved them and hope you will also!

Costa Rican Herbazu Estate Naranjo- Aroma – Complex floral and spice notes. Flavor – Prominent notes of tropical fruits(mango,pineapple,papaya). Nut like flavors as well as hidden apple and tobacco notes are distinguishable. Finish – Juicy body yet creamy, little to no brightness but a lemony flavor and mouthfeel when cooling.

Sumatra Takengon *Fancy*- Aroma – Hickory, savory rich, woody. Flavor – Dark & ripe fruit notes, black cherry, traditional sumatran notes of pepper and woodiness. Hints of a minty, Irish moss, and clover like effervescence. Finish – Very clean, medium light body, caramelized sugar on the finish with flavors sticking to the pallet after drinking.



~ by The Espresso Lounge on August 4, 2009.

One Response to “Cupping notes 8/4/09”

  1. This is very interesting cupping tips. i wish i could join cupping time with all of you as well.. thanks for very good post and useful info

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