Last Weeks Throwdown

Alright, we know it is almost a week late, but here are some pictures of our Anodyne people, and Brett from Roast. These are from the “Preliminary Latte Art Throwdown” for Milwaukee, at Alterra Humboldt, for the Milwaukee vs Chicago Throwdown happening sometime next month we think.

This is Steve filming it up at the throwdown…

This is Courtney pouring a caddy….

This is James steaming milk like he does….

This is Laura doing her thing…

This is “Brett-Boy-Wonder” slaying some spro….

And this is Eric pouring his world famous octopus Rosetta….

The results of the jam were that Brett placed 9th and James placed 10th and both will go on to represent Milwaukee in the upcoming Mega-Throwdown vs Chicago. Go Milwaukee, and congratulations guys!


~ by The Espresso Lounge on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “Last Weeks Throwdown”

  1. That octopus was pretty amazing! Also, Laura threw down too and did an amazing job.

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