Friday 6/5/09 Cupping

On our cupping table today are some of our new coffees we just got in. We brought in a new Fair Trade Organic Guatemalan and a Costa Rican. We have also changed our roast profile on the FTO Ethiopian Yirga-Cheffe OROMIA, so we also decided to re-cup this one. Below are our notes.

FTO Guatemalan Comal:
Aroma-Root beer (Sassafras) with some melon sweetness Flavor- Root beer(sassafras) effervescence, light lemon-orange citrus, sweet honeydew-cantaloupe melons, berry notes Body- medium-light mouthfeel, soft

Costa Rican Monte Crisol:
Aroma- Smokey, tobacco, light spiciness Flavors- Caramel-malty sweetness, subtle nuttiness, light milk chocolate  Body- Brazil like in character, creamy light mouthfeel, good acidity

FTO Ethiopian Yirga-Cheffe OROMIA:

Aroma- Muted berry sweetness, hits of black licorice  Flavor- Green tea, notes of orange citrus and berry, lavender floral-ness Body- Medium mouth-feel, Bergamot tea



~ by The Espresso Lounge on June 5, 2009.

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