6/3/09 Cupping Notes

We did it……we finally did it……we cupped a decaf. Yep, you heard me, we cupped our new deacf. Also, we threw in our Sidamo and Brazil Oberon for good measure. We have some new coffee’s coming next week, so we’ll be posting those notes and thoughts as well.

Decaf Brazil, Water Processed:
Aroma of slight nuttiness, with flavors ranging from the mild sweetness of chocolate, faint caramelized notes and a dark chocolate, as well as light nutty notes. There was a medium (almost juicy) body, quite good for a Decaf coffee, no harshness here, and some faint notes even when the cup is all gone.

Brazil Oberon:
Aroma of roasted peanuts. Strong flavors of nuts (cashews, raw peanuts, hazelnuts) some tobacco smokiness, with light bittersweet chocolate notes. The body is extremely smooth and creamy with just a hint of brightness when sitting on the pallet.

FT Organic Ethiopian Sidamo Shanta Golba:
Heaven! more specifically though- Aroma of buttery, sweet blueberry corn muffins. Flavors were very strong full flavored blueberries and raspberries, with a little lemony tartness. We also spotted stronger hints of lavender with many other floral notes when the cup was cooling. The body was noticeably more syrupy/buttery, accompanied by a nice dry tanic finish reminiscent of sweet yellow peppers or hard blueberries.



~ by The Espresso Lounge on June 3, 2009.

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