Cupping this morning

This morning finds Eric and myself huddled in the cupping lab. Today, we cup. We haven’t had an opportunity yet to post past cupping notes. So I wanted to make sure this session we posted. On today’s line-up is:

Mexican Huatusco
-subtle spice, light citrus when warm-but stronger when cooling, nice peanut butter like flavor, subtle lavender (floral) notes, nice body

Guatemalan Antigua Pastoral
-strong chocolate aroma, nutty, subtle cocoa notes on the tongue, light citrus (orange), nutmeg-cinnamon,

Sumatran Mandheling Old School
-rock solid down and dirty Sumatran(not to say that this was a dirty coffee), green bell peppers, mushroomy, lush and mint-like mouthfeel, strong basil


~ by The Espresso Lounge on May 21, 2009.

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