Cupping Pics….also, today’s my birthday

Today I turned 33….

In other news, I took some pictures of one of our recent cupping sessions at the roastery. In this session we cupped five different coffee’s. The line-up included: Brazil Natural Oberon, Org FT Ethiopian Yirgecheffe, Org FT Mexican Chiapas, Colombian Supremo, and Org FT Peru la Florida. A great mix of coffees in this one. Everything tasted great. Tomorrow we will be cupping another six coffee’s from today’s roasting sessions. We also roasted and cupped some estate coffee we bought. It’s Colombian Villa Penita Estate. We bought the entire seasons crop. We cupped that today along side our normal Colombian Supremo, we were both surprised at the differences between them. Matt has a much more established palate than I do, so he hit on some things right away. Both are great coffees and I’m excited to have them in our line up. I’m sure I’ll have more pics soon.


~ by The Espresso Lounge on July 29, 2008.

3 Responses to “Cupping Pics….also, today’s my birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Steve!

  2. Thanks Jason. Your new site looks great!!

  3. Howdy Steve. Nice pictures.

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