If you like Peanut Butter……….

So a couple days ago I roasted some Kauai Estate on the Probat at the roastery.  I dropped it just shy of second crack.  I’ve never roasted it before so I was excited to get the chance.  I pulled a small sample of it just as it finished first crack.  After a morning of roasting, I went ahead and brewed the sample on the Chemex.  I know it hadn’t fully degassed yet….but you know…..I just couldn’t help myself.   The first impression I got was Macadamia nuts.  It was very predominate.  It had a nice slight floral finish to it as well.  But boy….very pronounced on the nut taste.  So after that I went on with my day until one of the guys called me over to the Kauai bin and said “smell this man”.  OMG……it was peanut butter!  It was the strongest pronounced smell I have ever picked up from coffee.  It literally smells like peanut butter.  So I bagged some of it and took it home to cup the next day.

Here are some of my cupping notes from it.

Aroma:  Slight floral, Nuts (macs, peanuts), little smokey

Flavor: mild chocolate, nice and nutty, slight smokey flavor, cinnamon (spice)

Acidity: Medium and Tangy

Body: Light-medium, little creamy

Finish:  Nice long floral notes that resonated nicely on the palate.


~ by The Espresso Lounge on June 6, 2008.

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