Naked PF has arrived!


So I was on Ebay a week ago and came across one of those “finds”. Someone was selling a Rancilio Naked Portafilter. For the first 10 seconds or so, I pondered if I should buy this. I’m currently trying to scrape up some funds to go to the May SCAA show, so every dollar in my savings counts. After the 10 seconds lapsed, I placed my bid, and needless to say a few days later I won. I’ve wanted one for so long, so there’s no regrets here. I got the chance to pull some shots with it this morning before heading out to Queen Creek for an Espresso with a friend. BTW, I met a guy named Jason Casale there. This guy seems very cool. He’s knows his stuff when it comes coffee, roasting, blending etc. I’m looking forward to cupping with him and getting the chance to talk more about coffee and the coffee scene. He’s a cool dude indeed and I know I’ll learn a lot from him.

Below is a quick pic of the naked in action!



~ by The Espresso Lounge on March 22, 2008.

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  1. This is the one..

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