Cupping notes from today


OK, so today my cupping journey grew a new person today. Mitch, from Espressions Coffee Roastery, came over and we got the chance to sit down and cup some coffee’s. First one up was the Tanzanian Peaberry, then came the Organic Ugandan Gumutindo. It was nice being able to cup with someone else. I would like to see this circle grow even larger and have others join in on the learning fun. Cupping is so interesting to me. I envy and respect other roasters like Intelly, Alterra, 49th, Zoka, Stumptown, and so on. They cup some amazing coffee’s and get all these wildly intense flavor and aroma sensations. It’s inspiring! One day soon I hope I’m in that kinda of position. That will come with practice, practice, and more practice. I posted our notes below and threw in a few pics as well.

Tanzanian Peaberry (Steve)

Aroma: slightly earthy, woody, smoky , with a slight cedar smell

Flavor: earthy, smoky, mildly spicy, woody

Acidity: medium-mild

Body: medium, creamy

Aftertaste/Finish: long, floral, spicy finish that resonated


Tanzanian Peaberry (Mitch)

Aroma: floral, slightly earthy, slight cocoa, woody

Flavor: Cocoa, earthy, tobaccoey, woody

Acidity: Soft, flat

Body: Full

Aftertaste/Finish: long, rounded


Organic Ugandan Gumutindo (Steve)

Aroma: spicy, herbal, faint woody smell

Flavor: cocoa, nutty, slight spice, slight cereal, slight woody

Acidity: mild, delicate

Body: Creamy, medium-heavy

Aftertaste/Finish: moderate, slight floral


Organic Ugandan Gumutindo (Mitch)

Aroma: caramelly, floral, spice, cocoa, rich, slightly nutty

Flavor: toasty, earthy, smoky, spicy, tabaccoey

Acidity: smooth, sweet, delicate

Body: creamy, medium, thick

Aftertaste/Finish: moderate, fresh, resonated nicely




~ by The Espresso Lounge on March 16, 2008.

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