Brazil Natural Oberon anyone???


Today I finally got the chance to sit down and cup some coffee. The coffee I chose was some Brazil Natural Oberon. It was roasted on 12/27 and I believe just into second crack. The aroma was a mix of a cedar/woody/earthy smell. The flavor profiles I picked up were chocolate/Spicy and a slight tobacco taste. The tobacco taste seemed to fit the cup so I didn’t consider it a taint. Acidity was smooth/medium and it had a medium/creamy body. The finish on this cup was moderate with a nice floral like aftertaste. Overall, nice cup. I found this coffee best when french pressed.

So…….those are my thoughts. I have some Huehuetenengo that I’m going to be cupping tomorrow (looking forward to that). Have a great New Year!

BELOW: SO Espresso pulled with this Brazil. Very creamy and sweet.



~ by The Espresso Lounge on January 1, 2008.

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