Southwest Regional Barista Competition

I just stumbled across this thread in forum section. I can’t link you to it because it’s a private forum. So I copied a portion of the thread and posted it below.

“The info is already posted on the SCAA site so its public knowledge. We are working with the restaurant show organizers to work out the details, but it would be great to see a strong showing of baristas (and judges) from Arizona! The restaurant show is a HUGELY attended show, so it should be great exposure for everyone involved (and a lot of food oriented people there). Plus, its Vega$!

here’s the link:

and the info:
Southwest Regional Barista Competition (AZ, NV & NM)

February 25, 2008: SWRBC Judges Certification Workshop February 26-27, 2008: Southwest Regional Barista Competition

Hosted By: International Las Vegas Restaurant Show
Location: Internationl Las Vegas Coffee & Tea Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada

All the rules and regulations are posted on the SCAA site (they will be the same as for the USBC, WBC, and all the other regionals).”

Man this is exciting. I’m going to contact the organizer and get more information. I don’t know if anyone locally reads this blog, but if do, drop me a line and let me know if your going.


~ by The Espresso Lounge on December 23, 2007.

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