Indian Mallali Peaberry


I got a sample from a friend of some Mallali Peaberry he roasted. He wanted me to try it and give him my thoughts and any taste sensations I picked up on. First off, WOW, very good cup. I tried it two different ways. One Vacuum Brewer, and second a French Press. Pressing it seemed to give me more defined flavor. In whole bean form it smells similar to roasted soy nuts, and ground it had a faint smokey smell to it, very reminiscent of a campfire. When brewed, it has a very bright almost citrus taste right of the bat, and then I noticed a very spicy taste (nutmeg). As it cooled, the nutmeg weekend a little and then I picked up on a cocoa like taste. Now I’ll admit, I’m not an expert cupper, I’m a newbie. Practice makes perfect though, and boy I need the practice. So there’s my 2 cents. Over all, lots of fun loosely cupping this.


~ by The Espresso Lounge on November 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Indian Mallali Peaberry”

  1. Hi Steve,
    Keith here in SF. It’s good to see you on the blogosphere(sp?). Who are you roasting with these days? Keep cupping man there’s no substitute for a good palate. I try to do it 2 or 3 times a week. Keep notes to it helps a lot. See ya.

    Keith Fitzgerald
    Barista-Ritual Coffee Roasters

  2. Keith!! Great to hear from you. How’s life at Ritual? What’s the coffee scene like in SF?? I agree, practicing is very important when it comes to helping your palate. I need to be doing way more than I should, but all in due time.

    So how can I go about getting one of those nifty Ritual mugs??????

  3. Hi Steve,
    This Blog is absolutely inspiring. What’s a good source for these beans? I can only seem to get generic Tanzanian Peaberrys and something called Columbian Peaberry (I’m frankly skeptical its a peaberry at all) here in Jacksonville, FL.

  4. Dave,
    Thanks for checking out my blog! It’s always great to have new people stumble across it. The Malawi Peaberry is available through Lost Dutchman Roasters in Phoenix, AZ. Google the name and the website will pull up. The Malawi is a high grade Robusta…..I know I know…..I said Robusta. It’s decent as drip and mixed well in my espresso blend. I pretty surprised by this coffee and hopefully you’ll be too.
    Take Care,

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