June Barista Jam at Roast Coffee Company

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Hey friends, I wanted to give you a heads up on a Barista Jam this month. …This is from Ryan at Roast Coffee Company: Roast Coffee Company is please to announce their fourth annual Barista Jam! Please join us June 25th at 6pm at 2132 E. Locust St. Milwaukee, WI for some awesome coffees from some of the best and upcoming coffee companies. Anodyne, Madcap, Barefoot, PT’s, Four Barrel, and Paradise are sending some coffee to play with. In addition, we are working with Rishi Tea to dispatch a tea expert to host a tea sampling. It’s sure to be a fun filled night! We are also having manual brewing stations set-up. We’ll be doing tastings with: Chemex, Hario cones, Aeropress, French Press, Syphons, and a Clever. Plus, Bunn is sending a Trifecta over.  As always, the Barista Jam will follow. For this, lets just say it will be team competition versus individual pours. You and your team will have to work together in order to win!  Everyone is invited!!


New Arrival: Burundi Kayanza Yandaro

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Burundi is often referred to as “The Heart of Africa”, and rightly so. The people of Burundi have an amazing spirit, and have fully embraced their raw talent for growing and harvesting coffee, The Republic of Burundi has been independent since July 1st 1962, and is a small landlocked country just under 28,000 square kilometers. There is a population of just about 8 million people, 50% of which are under the age of 14. 90% of the population relies on farming as their main source of income, and coffee is by far the largest export.

Kayanza. Northern Burundi.
Smallholder farmers deliver to this washing station.
Bourbon, Jackson, and Mibirzi (all Bourbon derivatives)
Proc. Method
Fully washed. Sun dried on African beds (raised drying tables)

We have been busy and Cupping too!

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We have been very busy doing many things:

Steve, Matt, and Tracy (doing her best Elvis)

1) attending the SCAA and getting crazy like only Milwaukee-ians know how! (see above)

2) getting out and around the state of Wisconsin as we are sure you have seen Steve just about everywhere these days

3) Eric Mullins roasting all the time

4) hiring the new Eric (Tissot or 2.0 as he likes to be called) as you can find his pretty picture in the previous post

5) converting the conference room into an office for getting business done!

6) Judging and attending the Great Lakes Region Barista Competition at Discovery World

7) and last but not least not updating the blog because there has been so much going on!!!!

Today we remedied number seven on the list above by doing a late afternoon cupping.  We cupped 6 different coffees starting with:

Los Placeres

Country: Nicaragua
Region: San Ramon, Matagalpa/ Jinotega
Producer: Los Placeres
Varietal: Pacamara
Processing type: Natural
MASL: 800-1050
Taste Notes:  Winey grape and jasmine aromas.  Delicate acidity with notes of Cinnamon-apple, strong cocoa, almond and walnut, orange and grapefruit citrus. Creamy mouth-feel, very dry but slightly waxy finish reminiscent of star fruit.
Story: The name of this farm, translated into English, means pleasures. This striking farm blankets a mountain ridge in the Matagalpa region. Standing at the highest point of the farm, you cannot help but be overwhelmed with the majesty of the surrounding peaks and the beauty of the shaded coffee forest that extends to the valley below. Los Placeres is blessed with a pure, fast-flowing spring that permits an extremely clean washing of our coffee.
Information on this farm found at: http://sites.google.com/site/smierisch/ourfarms

Country: Brazil
Region: Alto Paranaíba, Minas Gerais, Cerrado Mineiro
Producer: Fazenda Joao de Campos
MASL: 1200
Varietal: Yellow Catuaí
Process: Pulped-Natural
Taste Notes: Hazelnut and chamomile floral aromas.  Hazelnuts, sweet pears, clover.  Very bright acidity and tobacco components.
Story: Fazenda Joao de Campos is in a region called Alto Paranaíba near Serra do Salitre. It is a high plain in Cerrado Miniero, Minas Gerais state. At 1200 meters, the Serra do Salitre has better altitude than most of Cerrado proper, which averages 800-900 meters for coffee production. This is from a larger farm, no Micro Lot coffee this one. But it is much smaller than the neighboring Fazenda Aurea. Brazil coffee like this should be less expensive than other origins, because these coffees from Cerrado are mechanically harvested, and prepared for export en masse.
Information on this can be found at:http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.southamr.brazil.php

The Spectacled Bear

Country: Colombia
Region: Huila, Medellin, Narino and Cauca
Name: Spectacled Bear
Grade: Supremo, 18 Screen
Varietal: Typica, Bourbon, Cattura
Processing type: Wet Processed
MASL: 800-1900
Taste Notes: Super-smooth body, with high notes of strawberry, raspberry, and other fruity aspects. You will also find cocoa and delicate florals throughout the finish with some positive roasty notes.
Story: The Seasonal Select allows Café Imports to purchase only the best cupping coffees from Colombia’s exceptional growing regions. Customers may see coffees from Narino, Bucaramanga, Popayan, Huila, or other regions, depending on cup profile and delivery period. The Café Imports Seasonal Select provides our customers with an exceptional, large screen Supremo while allowing them to participate in the conservation of the Spectacled Bear, one of Colombia’s most endangered species. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to the Wildlife Conservation Society. For more information on WCS and their work with Spectacled Bears, please visit www.wcs.org.
Information on this coffee found at: http://www.cafeimports.com/origin_colombia.php and http://www.cafeimports.com/pdf/specbear2.pdf and http://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/printable/spectacled-bear.html

SCFCU Drying bed

Country: Ethiopia
Region: Sidama
Producer: S.C.F.C.U. (Sidama Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union)
Varietal: Heirloom Ethiopian Cultivars
Processing type: Washed
MASL: 2200
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic, Flo ID:
Taste Notes: Blueberry grahm cracker crust aromas! Chocolate, cherries and gardenia floral notes linger in the background of this fruit and blueberry forward coffee.  Sparkling acidity is sure to thrill!
Story: http://www.treecrops.org/country/SCFCUFactSheet.pdf

Mbinga district Ruvuma region

Country: Tanzania
Region:Matengo Highlands, Mbinga district, Ruvuma region
Producer: Kilicafe Cooperative
Varietal: Kent and Bourbon Peaberry
Processing Type: Wet (assumed)

Taste Notes: Sweet bread crust, with hints of strawberry and peach aromas.  Juicy as all get-out, notes of peach, melon with a noticeable caramel sugar sweetness.  Cranberry tart and juice!
Story: Produced by small holder members of the Association of Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee Growers (KILICAFE). This coffee is grown in the Matengo Highlands, which is in the Mbinga district of the Ruvuma region in southern Tanzania.
Kilicafe is a brand name of the Association of Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee Growers , a Tanzanian Coffee Small holder association that was launched in 2001 by 10 groups . The association is currently (2009) representing 137 groups with 11,000 Small holder members groups in Tanzania’s three Arabica-growing areas; Kilimanjaro, Mbnga and Mbeya, each committed to producing high-quality coffee for the specialty market. Since then it is actively networking and executing all activities in supporting coffee producers particularly in three dimensions; raising and promoting better coffee quality, securing access and obtaining finances (credit facilities) and securing and linking to better paid coffee markets. Comprised of Tanzania ‘s most progressive small holder farmers, the Association of Kilimanjaro Specialty Coffee Growers are proud to deliver the finest coffee that Tanzania has to offer. KILICAFE’s goal is to promote the production of specialty coffee, and market it internationally and locally in order to achieve better incomes for its members. KILICAFE coffees originate in the country’s highland regions around Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, and in the Mount Livingstone Ranges in the south west, near Lake Nyasa . These coffees benefit from volcanic soils and high altitudes ideally suited to the cultivation of exceptional mild arabica coffee. Kent and Bourbon varieties are grown at altitudes between 1500m and 1800m.
Information on this coffee found at: http://www.zephyrcoffee.com/TheZephyrBeans.html and http://kilicafe.com/About.htm

Country: Papua New Guinea
Region: Banz, Waghi Valley, Western Highlands Province
Producer: Kigibah Estate Grade A
Varietal:  Typica (Blue Mountain), Arusha, Bourbon, Mundo Novo.
Processing type:  Hand picked, pulped, washed in cement vats, sun dried on patios
MASL:  1520
Taste Notes: Good chocolate aromas, sweet spices and sweet potato, mango, tropical fruits, and carrot.  Lively acidity, medium body and orange citrus/ juicy finish.
Story: Kigibah Estate itself is in the Waghi Valley in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.  The Kigibah estate  has a 370 acre main crop, plus 500 acres of outlying farms where its coffees come from.

Cuppings notes on some of the current Fair Trade offerings

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Brazil Sul De Minas, Nova Resende Cooperative- hazelnut, cashew, peanut butter, nice acidity, light body, clean finish

Guatemala Chajulense, Maya Ixil Cooperative- cinnamon, sweet melon peel, floral high notes, sweet round body, bitty acidity, smooth finish

Peru Ayacucho Apurimac River Valley, CACVRA Cooperative- cocoa, earthy, citrus, noticeable acidity, dry finish, but remaining garden dirty(good) flavors

Nicaragua UCOSEMUN Cooperative- sweet cocoa, green wheaty grass, unripe carrot, sweet/mild body, dry finish

Ethiopia Sidama SCFCU Cooperative- blueberry/raspberry/strawberry graham pie, delightful bitters, great sweet body, very wet finish

Time to party!

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Hey Ya’ll-

Come join us on March 11th for our Open House. It will start at 6:00pm and last till around 9:00pm. We’ll have hors d’oeuvres and plenty of coffee. Also we’ll have several stations set-up for cupping and different brewing techniques. There will be two classes you can sign up for that night as well. More details about the classes and other festivities will be available soon. If your coming into town early for the GLRBC and looking for something to do, then stop on by. Thanks and we hope to see some of you there!

Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co.
2920 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207


Well now…this is nice.

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We recently had the privilege of doing a coffee swap with Counter Culture Coffee.  That’s where they send you some of their coffee and you send them some of yours.  They are a great company that have done many, many positive things for the coffee industry.  So we considered it a high honor to be asked to do this.  They mentioned that they had heard good things about us and that’s what led them to contact us.  Here is what they said:

Hey Steve,
Here’s our cupping notes from the coffees you sent:
Kenya Wamuguma – An aromoa of holiday spice, brittle and “a fudge/taffy shop” with some watermelon on the break.  A clean brightness with flavors of black tea and watermelon juice, very clean finish.
Guatemala Huehuetenango Fina El Injerto – Earthy tobacco fragrance. An aroma of sweet, cinnamon brownies with some liquor on the break.  Flavors of dark chocolate and peanut brittle with some more earthyness on the finish.  This was the favorite on the table for the three of us who cupped (2 out of 3).
Brazil Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza Red Catuai – Fragrance of fresh baked goods.  Caramel fudge brownie aroma ( “wow, it jumps right out of the cup!”).  Cooked root vegetable on the break with some malt. Flavors of chocolate, nuts, molassas and root beer.  A solid body with more molassas on the finish.
Nicaragua Pacamara Ambiental – Immediately post grind the cup was filled with the fragrance of Fresh Mango.  When wet, the aroma was all super resh tropical fruit with Mango skin on the break. Apricot, lemon brightness (“wow!”) with the unmistakable flavor of Chicha Morada pinapple cinnamom drink.  The body was perfect to me and the aftertast was full of pleasant bitter fruit.  This was my favorite coffee on the table.  This is a very nicely done natual!  None of the dumpster juice flavors than can creep in to “dirty” naturals – this was very clean fruit.  Loved it.
Thanks, Steve!  Lets do this again some time!
Richard Futrell
Counter Culture Coffee
Sales and Customer Relations Manager"

Also, I should of mentioned this last year when it happened.  We also got a good plug from Sarah, the Editor at Barista Magazine, on their Facebook page.  Below is what she said.

“Barista Magazine Holy crap, this Sidamo from Anodyne Coffee Roasters in Milwaukee is amazing. Like drinking blueberry pancakes. Thanks for the care package, Steve!”

So we thought we share those with you.


Cupping 1/11/10

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This year is off to a great start and we have been amazingly busy with the passing holidays. This coming year we are going to be trying a lot of new things in Anodyne’s wholesale, and are excited to be roasting some great coffees. Speaking of which here are some coffees we managed to cup today:

Guatemala Huehuetenango Finca El Injerto: Aroma – Mild chocolate, cinnamon, black licorice. Flavor – Sweet berry notes with clemintine citrus while cooling. Mild nut of almond and cashew. Finish – Full slightly juicy body and very clean mouth-feel, a little bit of dryness like a champagne.
This is a great coffee fit for alternative brew methods giving a dynamic experience for the coffee lover.

FTO Sumatra Gayo Mountain Supreme: Aroma – Very floral with rich woody notes. Flavor – Bell pepper, dark chocolate, mushroom, and hints of cooking spices. Finish – Milk like body, very full with a minty/bright finish.
We found this to be one of the best Sumatran coffees that we have had in a while. It really has brewed well in all our different brewing methods as well as just being an outstanding cup.